Forwarding customer service - currently one of the priorities of our business, which already has its own experience of freight transport. Today, we offer the customer freight forwarding services - organization of delivery of goods by the most optimal route and the best price. The modern transport logistics as a science, aims to create a methodology for quality, safe, and most importantly - transport freight at the best price. Besides transport logistics to optimize the use of transport, transport controls the transport, reduces the likelihood of errors, and reduces the cost of transportation and the time of delivery. 

Interest in transport logistics is now increased due to the growing needs of the economy and business, and as a result of increased volumes of transportation. 

Transport logistics as a practical activity, covers three main areas, namely: 
  • planning, organization and delivery or shipment of goods from their place of production or storage to places of consumption;
  • constant control of transport in transit goods using modern communications and telecommunications; 
  • providing accurate and timely information to shippers. 
The objectives of the transport logistics are: 
  • creation of transport corridors and chains, to transportation were optimal and safe; 
  • providing a single transport and storage process to ensure transport; transportation planning based on customer needs, warehouse and production; 
  • selection of type and the type of vehicle; 
  • selection of the best routes of transportation; 
  • ensuring alignment of participants transport using a unified planning. 
Our logistics center "Korolev Stan" offers a transportation of goods at the highest level, with both own and leased vehicles, which have a capacity of 1 to 20 tonnes and the volume of the body from 3 to 100m ³. 

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Our company CMR provides cargo insurance, which is the best solution to minimize the risks for companies engaged in international cargo transportation. This is due to the fact that the freight carrier is fully liable for the cargo in the implementation of transportation. And often even the largest transporter can not compensate for the loss of the goods in the event of emergencies, as its value can go up to hundreds of thousands of euros. That's why many European clients in the presence of CMR-insurance carrier, is the main condition for the conclusion of the contractual relationship. 

CMR-insurance and transporting insures the liability of the carrier: 
  • from the damage of cargo in transit; 
  • from the transfer of the goods to unauthorized persons; 
  • the loss of the cargo; 
  • by delay in delivery. 
The cost of CMR-insurance and transporting depends on many factors, namely: 
  • the quantity and quality of freight car fleet; 
  • of the limit of liability under the contract between the carrier and the customer; 
  • from experience (experience) drivers. 
Our company provides transportation services in the following areas: 
  • Belarus regions; 
  • Europe - Belarus - Europe; 
  • Belarus - Russia - Belarus; 
  • Europe - CIS - Europe. 
We can produce the following cargo transportation: 
  • loads; 
  • packaged goods; 
  • goods category ADR; 
  • oversized cargo. 
We provide transportation of goods by the "door to door" to the transshipment of cargo at the terminal or without, if necessary - using the "cross-docking". Call us and our experts will be able to find you the best route of delivery, type of vehicle and thus provide transportation of your goods quickly, efficiently and with guaranteed delivery.

Our company has its own transport:
Грузовой автомобиль МАЗ  

Седельный тягач с полуприцепом MAN  

Грузовой автомобиль BAW

Пассажирский автобус МАЗ

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